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This course is based on Canadian author John McLay's novel On Mountaintop Rock, based in Jasper, Alberta. 

Here you will find activities to complement our LA work!

Here is the place to read and post about what's happening in the NEWS!


Meet a challenge. thoughtful Create. cool Tell how you did it! big grin

This PGP forum is designed to be an interactive, asynchronous meeting place for the sharing and discussion of articles, ideas and best practice in the realm of Social Emotional Learning. Participants will take turns designing a minimum of one week's reading assignment and activity. The goal of the course is to help lay a foundation for common practice around the teaching of social emotional skills in our District.

This moodle site is for Grade Seven students' in Ms. Kezar's class at Trudeau Elementary.

Elsie Roy MYP Course Outlines, Assessment Rubric Templates & Unit Plans

Middle Years Programme Humanities for Division 15

Language A - MYP Language Arts for Division 15